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This is a fabulous second book of four that truly shows a mastery of character development and forward thinking from the author. I love that there are so many interconnected individuals and that you fell as if you are walking down the path’s of separation between so many people who at one point in time may not think they have a connection, but slowly and surely you see that they do. I highly recommend this book to any romance/mystery fans as well as Jane Austen enthusiasts.

Leah Yerardi The Discarded Daughter Book 2 - Recovery: A Pride & Prejudice Variation

Charlotte has always been a favorite of mine and the development of her character in this book is a delight. Another character I loved in P&P was Mary. This Mary is just priceless. She finds a really good man who “sees the real Mary and cherishes her”. Of course Elizabeth and Darcy’s story with Georgiana is a must. Jane finds a strong man who sees beyond her outer beauty. She will make a grand duchess one day. Kitty and Lydia mature, with lots of help, and do very well for themselves. Lydia is a real surprise. I’ve always felt that Thomas Bennet was a very smart man and only needed encouragement from the right woman to become the man he should be. I love books where the good thrive and the evil remove themselves in one way or another. This will be a read-again for me next year.

ArkansasAustenFan Charlotte Lucas

A rather unusual and interesting enjoyable variation inspired by author Jane Austen’s classic novel Pride and Prejudice by Shana Granderson.

Dragonflyer13 Pride and Prejudice

This series must be read in order….just warning you. Lizzy grows up to be a beautiful 15 year old Lady Elizabeth Fitzwilliam. She is exceptionally bright; a master chess player; avid reader and outstanding musician. She still has horrid enemies and they are relentless. I will own this whole series because I will want to read it again every couple of years. Enjoy!!!

ArkansasAustenFan The Discarded Daughter Book 2 - Recovery: A Pride & Prejudice Variation

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